Fowler vs. Dansville

Last Thursday night, the girls played at Potterville and took both wins home with them. Fowler mercied St. Pats the first game and did great in the second game. They pushed their hardest which payed off in the end with scores of;  16-4 and 3-2. Today the girls play Dansville, here at home at 4:00. Good luck tonight ladies!



Maybe Next Time

Not very good news for our ladies last night. We lost both games against Bath, the first game we scored 3 runs, but Bath got away with 5. In the second game, the score ended as 6-9. Hopefully we turn things around Thursday evening when the girls take on Potterville away at 4:00. They have been a tougher team in the past but i really think we can take a win this time.

Fowler vs. Bath

The weather is finally calming down enough to allow us to play a few games lately. Hopefully we won’t have to re-schedule anymore games this season. Here is a quick look at this weeks weather. So far, it looks like it’s gonna be a sunny week!

Tonight the Varsity girls play away at Bath at 4:00. I believe this will be a good game for us tonight and that they have the power to bring home both wins. Good luck tonight ladies!

Third Game of the Season!

It’s already pretty late in the season, especially only to be having the third game of the year. Last week the girls played Portland St. Pats, unfortunately, they took a loss. Hopefully the team steps it up a notch and brings home a win Thursday night at Bath at 4:30 pm.

Last night we played against Fulton and split the games. Both games were very close, they were tied in the 7th inning 7-7, then Fulton had a nice hit, but one of our outfielders dropped the ball. They stepped it up in the next game and held them with bases loaded while they were tied again in the 7th inning, and scored 11-10. This game was intense and way better than last weeks game but i know we can do better. Bring us home a win Thursday night girls! Good luck!!

A Game at Last!

Finally, today’s weather seems tolerable to play a game in! We will be playing one of our  tougher opponents, Portland St. Pats, this evening here at home, at 4:00 p.m.. Although it my be a bit wet on the field, I’m hoping that these girls will finally get to play a game. AccuWeather is calling for  a warmer climate with some light showers.It is now later in the season and not a single game has been played yet, but it looks like our luck is finally changing! Here is a link to AccuWeather around Fowler area.

Michigan Weather

Due to the weather, practices have been moved to different times and held inside of Fowler High schools gymnasium. It has been raining a lot lately here around Fowler, so all spring sports teams have all had to struggle moving times to make the gym available for all teams. Games cancelled, and practices moved and sometimes cancelled, athletes here at FHS have been very frustrated. 


“If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain” -Dolly Parton
Sometimes great things happen once the sun finally comes out. Hopefully this means that after the rainy season calms down, the girls will get FHS some wins!

Looking at, it looks like there is more rain to come. This rainy weather has been a struggle for our spring athletes but they still work hard to get the team some wins!

Start of the Season

It’s the start of a new spring season here at FHS. Athletes are now attending plyos twice a week and practices after school. The varsity players include seniors, Danielle George, and Cheyenne Sisung. Juniors, Kelsie Feldpausch, Natalie Schafer, Macy Wieber, Terin Becker, Samantha Feldpausch, Alicia Feldpausch, Taylor Piggott, and Sarah Schomisch. And congratulations to the sophomores, Tori Wirth, Sydney Feldpausch, Kara Schafer, and Brianna Schmitt, and freshman Taylor Schmitt. I  believe that this year’s team will make for a successful season.Image

Fowler Softball Schedule

softball41.jpg3/25 Ovid-Elsie Away at 4:00
3/27 Carson City-Crystal Home at 4:00
4/11 Laingsburg Away at 4:00
4/15 St. Pats Home at 4:00
4/18 P-W Home at 4:00
4/20 Vestaburg Invite Away at 9:00
4/22 Fulton Away at 4:00
4/29 Bath Away at 4:00
5/2 Potterville Away at 4:00
5/4 Fowler Invite Home at 9:30
5/6 Dansville Home at 4:00
5/9 Saranac Home at 4:00
5/16 Vestaburg Home at 4:00
5/20 Ithaca Away at 4:00
5/23 Ashley Home at 4:00